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ADRICAuxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary (paramilitary organization)
AdRICAdvanced Research Institute for Computing (De La Salle University-Manila)
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21) PRO, WO 35/88B, Major E L Mills ADRIC to Adjutant ADRIC, 22 Nov.
This particular story, first broadcast in March 1982, was especially dark in tone, coming as it did after the death of irritating space brat Adric in the previous story.
Ivo Adric es un serbio que nace en Bosnia-Herzegovina, eso impliCo para el conocer mejor Bosnia que Serbia y escribe sobre Bosnia, y la mayor parte de sus libros hablan sobre el imperio Otomano.
Arevalo, a former world junior champion, posted 38 points and got solid support from Carl Corpus (35), Adric Chan (33) and Tom Kim (33) as the Carmona-based squad collected 139 for 279 overall.
Clara's death would be the first time an assistant has perished since 1982, when Peter Davison's Doctor lost his companion Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) in a spaceship crash.
It will be the first time an assistant has perished since 1982, when Peter Davison's companion Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) was wiped out in a spaceship crash.
15pm The Doctor has been suddenly parted from companions before - back in its classic years, the likes of Sara Kingdom, Adric and Catarina were killed while embarking on adventures with the time lord, and in more modern times, he was devastated when Rose was ripped from his side.
The final part of Earthshock in 1982 was broadcast without end title music as a tribute to companion Adric who died in that story.