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ADABAssociation of Development Agencies in Bangladesh
ADABAustralian Development Assistance Bureau
ADABAsian Development Assistance Board (Liaoning, China)
ADABAlcohol and Drug Advisory Board
ADABAgricultural Development Agencies in Bangladesh
ADABAl Dhafra Air Base (US and United Arab Emirates)
ADABAction pour le Développement de l'Afrique à la Base (French: Agenda for the Development of Africa in the Base; Cameroon)
ADABANSF (Afghanistan National Security Forces) Development Assistance Bureau (US Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction)
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His recent book entitled Arabi Adab Qabl az Islam (Pre-Islamic Arabic Literature) is considered by critics to be an authentic and invaluable introduction of Arabic literature in Urdu language.
Hakim states that the tutor "required" al-Qadi al-Nu'man to bring him a copy of Adab al-katib, "probably from the Fatimid caliph's private library" (p.
Interestingly, the most important work by Ibn Al Muqaffa was the "Al Adab Al Kabir", which was divided into four parts, the first of which offered a brief rhetorical overview on the excellence of the Sassanian legacy of spiritual and temporal knowledge.
Customer experience is at the core of our operations and the Adab Mobile service further reinforces our commitment to continuously offering rewarding and innovative ideas.
We still have customers who want a traditional fanous with a lighted candle inside," says Abu Adab, 63, a farsha owner.
Pakistan, May 16 -- Jadid Adab is a literary magazine published in Germany, which is available both in book form and on the internet.
A doctor at No'man al Adab Hospital, the only one in the town of Gafsa, also said: "It may be that she's trying to make money from television.
Dr Beverly Adab, Dr Pam Moores, Robert Moores, Penny Harbour, Dr Malcolm Harbour MEP; Dr Christine Braddock, Jastal Bains, Gurjeet Bains; Matt Daley, Andrew Williams, Dr Ravi Kant, Gurj Summan, Dilly Rehal; Dr Doug Ellis, Win Sabapathy, Dr Paul Sabapathy, Brenda Birch, Dr Rupa Kochhar, Prof Ashok Kochhar; Prof Julie King, Dr Ravi Kant, Sir Michael Bett
50 went on the lowest racecard number of the two, which was Adab, who trailed in tenth, while fellow market leader Solar Spirit (2-1) won easily.
University of East London, Chairman of the ADAB Trust and a member of the UK
Dr Peymane Adab, one of the report's authors, says yes, you should.
ADAB, formed in March, also provides vital feedback to Aladdin management regarding the market-leading HASP family of software DRM solutions which are consistently ranked the most commonly used software protection, licensing and distribution products worldwide.