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ADADAutomatic Dialing and Announcing Device
ADADAlcohol and Drug Abuse Division (Colorado)
ADADAssociation of Dance of the African Diaspora
ADADAnother Day Another Dollar
ADADAutomatic Dialing Announcing Devices
ADADAlzheimer Disease and Associated Disorders (journal)
ADADAirborne Division Advisory Detachment (US DoD)
ADADAir Defense Alerting Device (US Army)
ADADAfter Date of Award Document
ADADAir Defense Artillery Director
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In most brain regions at baseline, FDG uptake was greater in presymptomatic carriers and healthy controls than in either the PiB-positive MCI, sporadic Alzheimer's, or ADAD groups, but there were no significant differences between the presymptomatic carriers and healthy controls or between the PiB-positive MCI, sporadic Alzheimer's, or ADAD groups.
Rodrigues) and the Department of Pathology (Drs dos Reis and Adad, and Mr Sousa), Universidade Federal do Tria^ngulo Mineiro, Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil; and the Laboratory of Immunology (Drs D.
Both Nagar and Nawali are important cultic centres, Belet-Nagar and Adad of Nawali are both cited at the beginning of this treaty and Adad of Nawali is also cited in another Leilan treaty, LT-2.
As noted above, the ADAD has been supplied to the UK armed forces, with open sources suggesting that the UK Ministry of Defence has placed orders for more than 300 systems (100 of which have now been delivered) for use in both ground-based and vehicular applications.
ADAD brought an incredible fundraising journey to an end outside the doors of the hospital where it all began.
ADAD who was left paralysed following a horror race crash has spoken about his "miraculous" recovery - which has led to him training to be selected for next year's winter Paralympics.
In Carry On Doctor he tried to stop her adad adva va vanc nces by saying: "You may not rereal alis ise it, but I was once a weak mama m n.
ADAD and son were stunned when legendary rapper Public Enemy popped over for a bite to eat and a chat before headlining the Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival.
El pasado 7 de marzo, Luz Maria Ortega Tlapa, titular del Juzgado Octavo de Amparo en Materia Penal, resolvio que fue inconstitucional el auto de formal prision que el Juzgado Cuadragesimo Penal del Distrito Federal dicto contra el joven Ilia Adad Infante Trejo el 10 de octubre de 2013.
uk/liverpool ADAD Bloom Festival 2013 Featuring works by Movema, Lamin Dumbuya, Afro Roots, BrazUKa and more.
The ADAD (Antipsychotic Discontinuation in Alzheimer's Disease) trial suggests that at least some patients might benefit from a longer course of antipsychotic treatment, Dr.
CHEERINGJ Adad celebrates with his girl in Sheffield RESPECT J Coach Toni POPULAR Jessica meets fans in Hyde Park ENGAGED Jessica at bash with Andy CROWNED J Proud Jessica with her medal Picture: ADIDAS #takethestage