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In this paper, we study the classification and adaptation layer as shown in the following subsections.
We enable detection of attacks by analyzing communications at the various layers, in particular at the 6LoWPAN adaptation layer, networking (routing with RPL), and application (using CoAP).
Niagara Networks converts your standard visibility layer into an enhanced Visibility Adaptation Layer that seamlessly administers security solutions, performance management, monitoring and other data network services.
To encapsulate the IPv6 packet (with 1280 bytes MTU) into the IEEE 802.15.4 frame with maximum length up to 127 bytes, the 6LoWPAN protocol with an adaptation layer between IPv6 and IEEE 802.15.4 has been proposed by IETF, as shown in Fig.
Adaptive adaptation layer is the core of the adaptive architecture and it represents the general communication architecture of wireless M2M, shown as Figure 2.
To enable the transmission of large IPv6 packets over size constrained link layer payload size (102 bytes of payload) in IEEE 802.15.4, the 6LoWPAN adaptation layer provides IP packet fragmentation mechanism [1].
To handle all information types many higher layer protocols have been developed called ATM Adaptation Layers or AALs".
The inclusion of the 802.11 Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL) to the new version of Bluetooth v3.0 provides increased throughput of data at approximately 24 Mbps, roughly equivalent 8 times faster than its previous version with a speed of 3Mpbs.
* Single Radio/Multiple Protocols: The WiMedia Alliance common radio platform is designed to support a variety of applications using different wireless protocols including Certified Wireless USB, Bluetooth technology, the 1394 Trade Group's "Wireless FireWire" Protocol Adaptation Layer (PAL), and Wireless IP.
In ATM-based 3G wireless networks, the architecture of the iNAV 4000 achieves unparalleled levels of price/performance in ATM Adaptation Layer 2 (AAL2) packetized voice, ATM Adaptation Layer 5 (AAL5) and IP protocol processing, providing a seamless bridge between ATM and Ethernet networks.
SIGTRAN transports PSTN Signaling System 7 (SS7) traffic over IP-based networks using various protocol components and adaptation modules, including the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP), MTP Level 3 User Adaptation (M3UA), MTP Level 2 User Adaptation (M2UA) and ISDN User Adaptation Layer (IUA) protocols.
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