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ATFRCAdaptive TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Friendly Rate Control
ATFRCAbsolute Total Finger Ridge Count
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Ho, "Adaptive TCP congestion control and routing schemes using cross-layer information for mobile ad-hoc networks," Comput.
To solve this problem, several methods for multiple TCP connections have been proposed, such as Real-time Online Multimedia Environment (TCP-ROME), TCP-FIT, Multiple Adaptive TCP connections for Streaming (MATS), Dynamic MultiPath streaming (DMP-streaming), and Multiple TCP connections (Multi-TCP) [6-10].
Choe, "Resource-aware and quality-fair video-streaming using multiple adaptive TCP connections," Computers and Electrical Engineering, vol.
The product employs adaptive TCP optimization, which enables it to adapt, in real time, to the latency, packet loss and congestion characteristics of WAN links, and accelerate virtually all application traffic.
Since Santa Barbara Charter's implementation of WANJet, the company has met its desired application-performance targets, Terry says, attributable to the solution's transparent data reduction and adaptive TCP optimization features.
In this paper, we propose an Adaptive TCP Coding Scheme (ATCS) to improve transmission performance of TCP over lossy satellite links.
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