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ADVENTAdaptive Versatile Engine Technology (Aerospace)
ADVENTAda Development Environment
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AETP technology has undergone initial development under the auspices of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) through the Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology (ADVENT) program that began in 2007 and the Adaptive Engine Technology Development (AETD) program that began in 2012.
"[The system] varies the two propulsion parameters that impact thrust and specific fuel consumption: bypass ratio and fan pressure ratio," says ADVENT (ADaptive Versatile ENgine Technology) project manager at GE Aviation, Dave Jeffcoat.
AETD focuses on maturing technologies developed through the USAFOs ADaptive Versatile ENgine Technology (ADVENT) program, which GE Aviation was competitively awarded in fiscal year 2007.
The Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology programme (Advent), which began last year, is attempting to develop a variable engine cycle, greater component efficiencies, and new materials technologies to provide future aircraft with greater range and mission flexibility.
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