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ALTYAdding Life to Years (UK)
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"I think what we need to be careful of is that we add value to people's lives, that it's not just extra years - that it's adding life to years not just years to life.
The program, dubbed "Adding life to years and not years to life," was carried out by the Ministry of Health in all 20 health regions in the Kingdom with the help of their respective governorates.
Closer to home, in his publication Adding Life to Years, John Osmond from the Institute of Welsh Affairs says that in the next 10 years, the number of people aged over 65 in Wales will increase by about 5%, an increase of 130,000, and the number aged over 85 will increase by 30,000.
"It is important that we are adding life to years as well as years to life," she said.
Such knowledge can add valuable lessons about adding life to years rather than just years to life.
Hartlepool and District Hospice in Wells Avenue, Hartlepool has published its own election manifesto - Adding Life to Years.
Yesterday's report, called Adding Life to Years, said the health service is structurally ageist because it was set up to deal with "isolated episodes" of care.
The more humanistic model of nursing home care that has emerged in the last decade is "adding life to years rather than years to life." The medical model, never a good fit for nursing homes, is finally shifting to a more social model of caring.