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AdDUAteneo de Davao University
AdDUAdditional Duty
AdDUAir Data Display Unit (avionics)
AdDUAlbany-Dougherty Drug Unit (Georgia)
AdDUAlcoholism and Drug Dependence Unit (Mayo Medical Center; Rochester, MN)
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In protracted expectation of the weather clearing up, the last evening paper from London was read and re-read with an intensity of interest only known in cases of extreme destitution; every inch of the carpet was walked over with similar perseverance; the windows were looked out of, often enough to justify the imposition of an additional duty upon them; all kinds of topics of conversation were started, and failed; and at length Mr.
The officials concerned in their briefing told the meeting that during budget session personnel of various departments performs additional duty.
embassy, Berlin, with additional duty at the American legations in Madrid, Rome, Stockholm, and Vichy, France.
Dispensing of the additional duty first shirt in favor of a diamond-wearer is critical for proper commander support.
Accordingly, if the landlord has not activated an open market rent review mechanism under a lease in circumstances where an increase may have been justified in the prevailing market at the time, this may result in the tenant being required to submit an additional return and pay additional duty where it is not, as a question of fact, paying the increased rent
Some critical parts of sub-assemblies of such vehicles exempted from basic customs duties and special additional duty subject to actual user condition.
The maximum value of drinks, tobacco, perfume or other products consumers can bring into the EU without paying additional duty has risen from Euro 175 to 430 for air and sea travellers and Euro 300 for land and inland waterways.
He added: "Abolition of the discriminatory additional duty is a significant step towards fair competition in an important emerging market for Scotch whisky.
USTR also noted that the additional duty and extra additional duty also apply to other imports from the United States such as dairy products and, in some cases, also result in customs duties that exceed India's WTO bound rates.
The EU spirits and wine industries have long been campaigning for an end to the excessive, discriminatory duty system in place in India (an additional duty of 25% to 150% and an extra additional duty of 4% for both wines and spirits, in combination with the already excessive basic customs duty of 150% for spirits and 100% for wines).
Pacific Fleet, Pearl Harbor; as assistant chief of staff for Plans and Policy with additional duty as commander, Rapid Deployment Naval Forces and U.
This could mean traveling to training at different bases, bringing equipment to Newport News, going directly to the manufacturer to train, or going on temporary additional duty (TAD) aboard another ship, which is a big help to new Sailors.
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