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AdDUAteneo de Davao University
AdDUAdditional Duty
AdDUAir Data Display Unit (avionics)
AdDUAlbany-Dougherty Drug Unit (Georgia)
AdDUAlcoholism and Drug Dependence Unit (Mayo Medical Center; Rochester, MN)
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In protracted expectation of the weather clearing up, the last evening paper from London was read and re-read with an intensity of interest only known in cases of extreme destitution; every inch of the carpet was walked over with similar perseverance; the windows were looked out of, often enough to justify the imposition of an additional duty upon them; all kinds of topics of conversation were started, and failed; and at length Mr.
"When the state budget dates were announced then why additional duty is imposed all of a sudden.
Acting President of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Sheikh Khalid Tawab has urged Federal Finance Minister Senator Ishaq Dar and Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Nisar Muhammad Khan to immediately abolish the duty on import of raw cotton which had been increased to three percent from two percent vide Finance Act, 2016 as well as additional duty levied at on percent vide SRO 1178(I)/2015 dated November 30, 2015, thus increasing the total incidence of duties to four percent.
Inayatullah Khan Babar from the additional duty of Registrar and has assigned additional duty of Registrar to Additional Registrar Sami Ullah.
Such electronic goods are set to rise about 5 per cent after the government proposed to levy special additional duty on components such as populated printed circuit boards ( PCBs) and basic customs and countervailing duties on batteries, chargers and speakers.
Ukraine has for the first time announced the possibility of negotiating compensation with the countries affected by the introduction of an additional duty on imported cars.
Lattu was ordered to the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts in January 1938 with additional duty as White House aide.
Pawan Goenka, president of the automotive & farm equipment sectors at Mahindra, said, 'While the tax in itself is a concern, we are perplexed about the criterion and justification of this additional duty. The hike in excise has also resulted in a situation where there is no level playing field between players in the industry as some of the best selling SUV models competing in the same price bracket do not come under the increased duty structure due to the specifications in the new definition of SUVs.'
Many people don't think of the lost productivity of having a dozen wing staff agencies provide a representative for all the various additional duty meetings and chores.
I also spent 5 years as a cop working the fugitive felon apprehension unit, and taught weapons as an additional duty. I mention this solely to establish that over the course of almost 6 decades I have a highly-tuned BS detector when the subject is firearms.
If this occurs within the first five years of the term, it may be necessary to make a further return within thirty days of the end of the fifth year of the term or (if earlier) the date when the reviewed rent is determined and any additional duty would need to be paid.
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