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AFTPAnonymous Ftp
AFTPArt for the People (Takoma Park, MD)
AFTPAssociation Francophone des Types Psychologiques (French: French Association of Psychological Types)
AFTPAutomatic for the People (R.E.M. album)
AFTPAnonymous File Transfer Protocol
AFTPAdditional Flight Training Period (US Air Force)
AFTPAgri-Food Trade Program (Canada)
AFTPAdditional Flying Training Period
AFTPAircrew Flight Training Period
AFTPAPPC (Advanced Program-to-Program Communication) File Transfer Protocol (computer applications)
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Most Selected Reservists are required to complete 48 drills per year, including pilots, who must also drill 72 additional flight training periods. Add to that the extra active duty training they normally contribute, and it is not hard to see why these pilots log about 2,500 hours of support annually and are some of the best fliers in the world.
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