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AFOAnkle-Foot Orthosis
AFOAnimal Feeding Operation(s)
AFOAquatic Facility Operator (various locations)
AFOAssociation Française des Orchestres (French: French Association of Orchestras)
AFOAdvanced File Organizer
AFOAssociation Française d'Ostéopathie (French: French Association of Osteopathy)
AFOAir Force One (The Movie)
AFOArellano-Felix Organization (drug trafficking cartel)
AFOAlgar-Flynn-Oyamada (chemical reaction)
AFOAlien Front Online (Sega video game)
AFOAdmiralty Fleet Order
AFOAcademy of Fixed Orthodontics (various locations)
AFOAir Force Ones (Nike shoes)
AFOAssociation Française d'Orthoptique (French: French Orthoptic Association; est. 1965)
AFOAuthorised Firearms Officer (UK police)
AFOAdvanced Furniture Outfitters (Bryan, OH)
AFOArmed Forces Only
AFOAdvanced Force Operations (US DoD)
AFOAdditional Forms
AFOAir Failure Open (valve operation mode)
AFOAlzheimer's Family Organization (Florida)
AFOAxial Force Only (engineering)
AFOAwaiting Further Occurrence
AFOAuxiliary Fuel Oil
AFOAnnounced Flight Opportunity
AFOAnnouncement of Flight Opportunities
AFOAnti-Fascist Organization
AFOAdvanced File Organizer (software)
AFOAccounting & Finance Office/r
AFOAlaska Field Office
AFOAudio Frequency Overlay (train location technology)
AFOAgency Field Office
AFOAgencia Filatelica Oficial (Spanish: Official Philatelic Agency, Barcelona)
AFOAero Force One (Aerosmith fan club)
AFOAway from Office
AFOAvailable for Obligations
AFOAircraft Flight Operations (job title)
AFOAlternate Fridays Off (work schedule)
AFOArmy Finance Officer
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An employee may be prompted by the online system to provide additional forms to complete his or her training request.
New to this edition are chapters on licensing issues arising from alternative delivery systems, when and where problems arise, representing the global entity, and ten additional forms.
Increasing produce consumption will require fresh produce folks to make their products available in additional forms, especially frozen.
Working with his family, they created a structured plan to both balance out James's internet use and find additional forms of escapism that wouldn't exclude him from his family or friends.
Entry forms are being sent to schools this week, but parents can find additional forms on www.
And yet there was little mention of associate programs and perhaps what one might call the evolution of additional forms of religious life.
Also, there will be five additional forms accepted for tax year 2005 e-filed returns.
html (see "Submission Instructions for Electronic Applications") plus some additional forms from http://es.
Other key elements in the development programme include the design of further specialist, packaged niche products, targeted at growing businesses and the development of additional forms of distribution, including 'online' capabilities.
Consideration should be given to additional forms of regulation to reduce average population exposure, complementing the existing concentration-based limit values.
Miller, who is African-American, was asked to provide two additional forms of photo ID.
Additional forms may be photocopied or obtained by request.
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