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AQDAcquisition Division (NATO)
AQDAltitude Qualifying Dollars (Air Canada)
AQDAir Quality Digest
AQDAutomated Quasar Detection (astrophysics)
AQDAviation Quality Database (software)
AQDAdditional Qualification Designator
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The Space Cadre community looks at its billets annually and works with the Navy to properly assign Navy Subspecialty Codes to the billets and Additional Qualification Designators to its Space Cadre members.
The Navy has approved the 919 Additional Qualification Designator (AQD) for those Supply Corps officers who complete two OCONUS TAD/TDY joint contingency operation assignments of more than 120 consecutive days each in theater; or one OCONUS TAD/TDY joint contingency operation assignment of more than 240 consecutive days in theater.
While 70 percent of Supply Corps billets today are ashore, only 46 percent have a subspecialty or additional qualification designator (AQD) that ties them to a Supply Corps line of operation.
Upon successful completion of the internship, IT interns receive the subspecialty code for Information Technology Management (6201S) and an Additional Qualification Designator (AQD) of AR2 signifying Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Level II certification in the Communications-Computer Systems career field.
Interns who successfully complete all requirements of the program, including JPME Phase I, are awarded the subspecialty code of 3212S--Operations Research Analysis (Logistics), as well as the Additional Qualification Designators (AQDs) of JS7 (JPME Phase I) and 947 (Duty in Joint Activities).
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