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AMODEAddressing Mode
AMODEAdvanced Mode
AMODEAcoustic Mid-Ocean Dynamics Experiment (est. 1991)
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The ARM architecture supports offset addressing mode which calculates the effective address by adding the offset value to the base address where the offset value can be specified in one of three ways: immediate, register, and scaled register.
1 shows the example of post-indexed addressing mode where Fig.
The Thumb ISA designers made trade-offs among various instruction fields such as opcode, register, and addressing mode, and sacrificed both scaled register offset addressing mode and post-indexed addressing mode.
Up to 31 standard slaves or slaves with the extended addressing mode (A slaves only) can be attached to standard AS-I masters.
Effective addresses begin with a one-byte ModR/M token, which contains an addressing mode and a register.
We then cover the details of syntax, semantics, and implementation, followed by smaller examples from our Pentium specification, which show CISC addressing modes and variable-sized operands.
For example, simple patterns can be used to specify opcodes, and more complex patterns can be used to specify addressing modes or to specify a group of three-operand arithmetic instructions.
There are nine addressing modes, permitting memory addresses to be computed from most of the useful combinations of the program counter, register contents and/or a displacement of 12, 16, or 32 bits.
To estimate the frequency of use of the various addressing modes, we examined data from the literature.
There are four stages (fetch, decode, execute, and writeback) and three addressing modes (direct, indirect, and immediate) proposed for this design.
This definition includes the instruction set, instruction formats, operation codes, addressing modes, and all registers and memory locations that may be directly manipulated by a machine language programmer.
RISC--Reduced instruction set computer, characterized by fixed-length instructions, simple memory addressing modes, and a strict decoupling of load/store memory access instructions from register-to-register arithmetic instructions.
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