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ADELAgence de Développement Economique du Loiret (French: Loiret Economic Development Agency)
ADELAuteurs Dramatiques En Ligne (virtual library; French: Playwright Online Inc.)
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About the beginning of the sixteenth century arose a Moor near the Cape of Gardafui, who, by the assistance of the forces sent him from Moca by the Arabs and Turks, conquered almost all Abyssinia, and founded the kingdom of Adel.
In this special, where Adel goes back to his hometown to appear at Beirut's renowned Casino du Liban for the first time, he will tackle everything from relationships to social issues that most Arabs face everyday with his local blend of humour, the release stated.
Adel told Daily News Egypt that dealing in this currency will lead to a bubble and speculation on it is unsafe due to there being no clear and obvious mechanism to price the currency, which makes it inapplicable in some markets.
Adel received his trophy from category sponsor Dallmayr Horeca manager Hafiz Umair Tariq onstage during a glittering celebration billed as 'Hotelier Ever After' held on October 25 at The Ritz-Carlton Dubai.
Speaking in a video shared exclusively with Construction Week , Adel Al-Mojil, son of MMG's founder Mohammad Al-Mojil, said that he and his father have been scapegoated, and that they did "absolutely nothing wrong".
We continue to be assailed and threatened on social networking media for opening this school," Adel said.
Sure, all family members are depressed for losing Adel, but we are all proud of and happy about his martyrdom which only few people achieve.
At a welcoming ceremony last week Warrap students honoured Adel for his win in last December's students union leadership elections.
French-born Adel said: "He suddenly got really aggressive.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Senior Iranian Parliamentarian Gholam Ali Haddad Adel warned of a war led by the Zionists to undermine Iran's scientific development and progress.
They have been taken in by the Coast Guard, Adel said.
In the Junior Academy category, designed for young golfers new to the game, Ali Mohamed Alkowari clinched first place with a score of 26 and Eid Adel came second on 28.