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ADELAuteurs Dramatiques En Ligne (virtual library; French: Playwright Online Inc.)
ADELAgence de Développement Economique du Loiret (French: Loiret Economic Development Agency)
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About the beginning of the sixteenth century arose a Moor near the Cape of Gardafui, who, by the assistance of the forces sent him from Moca by the Arabs and Turks, conquered almost all Abyssinia, and founded the kingdom of Adel.
Adel Rabiah called on commuters coming in from Al Musafah Bridge to take alternative routes to reach the Corniche through the Airport Road and the Arabian Gulf Road.
And Adel, 30, admitted they couldn't believe it when told about the second twins.
As a leader in fingerprint identification technology in China, ADEL has set remarkable achievements in recent years.
lt; The medical professionals told Adel Martin in 1985 that her baby son would never be able to talk or walk, let alone do something like strum a guitar and sing.
Adel Mohamed, reported that the preliminary results indicate that RPI-78M inhibited the development of acute as well as the relapsing phases of the EAE in Lewis rats.
According to the Middle East news portal Elaph, Adel has contracted with the production company "Cinergy", owned by producer Tamer Morsi, to present a new drama titled "Ustath wa Raees Qisim" (A Teacher and a Dean).
Co-founder of the 6 April Youth Movement Mohamed Adel filed an official request from prison Saturday that the cassation session for his three year sentence for breaking the Protest Law be reviewed by an international court.
Dr Adel thanked voluntaries who had contributed in preparing the committee's report for the BICI.
Haddad Adel, who is the director of the Iranian Academy of Persian Language and Literature, spent nine years to translate the holy book of Muslims.
By referring to cultural and revolutionary commonalities between the two countries, Haddad Adel, stressed development of cooperation between Tehran and Algiers.
Musimu, a professional freediver with 12 years' experience, was five days away from joining Adel on his training in Santorini, Greece, where he is feared dead.