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ADELAAerial Delivery of Effects from Lightweight Aircraft (US DoD)
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In spring and summer one got on better: sunshine and long days make such a difference; and then, just at the commencement of this autumn, little Adela Varens came and her nurse: a child makes a house alive all at once; and now you are here I shall be quite gay.
The nurse is a foreigner, and Adela was born on the Continent; and, I believe, never left it till within six months ago.
Fortunately I had had the advantage of being taught French by a French lady; and as I had always made a point of conversing with Madame Pierrot as often as I could, and had besides, during the last seven years, learnt a portion of French by heart daily--applying myself to take pains with my accent, and imitating as closely as possible the pronunciation of my teacher, I had acquired a certain degree of readiness and correctness in the language, and was not likely to be much at a loss with Mademoiselle Adela.
Inspired by her friendship with a Burmese political refugee who works in the cafeteria of her prestigious college prep school, Adela decides to spend her summer seeing the world.
Asked about her "celebrity mom," Adela proudly points out: "Her (Lakmi's) blood pressure is normal, she has not been sick for a long time.
Edward Killingback The characters are simply drawn for the stage - and aficionados of the book might grumble a little - leaving us with narrow-minded Ronny's casual racism, Fielding's kindness and a sensible, naive Adela.
emotive, a UK-based healthcare communications agency, has named Adela Zafar as its new head of talent, it was reported yesterday.
Adela loses her balance of mind in one of the caves and comes out transfigured as a hideous incarnation of her muddled intellect.
It was up in 2013 and we didn't think he would travel again ADELA NUGENT YESTERDAY
The first example conies when Adela breaks off her "understanding" with Ronny.
Adela | Appleby and Melanie Odell from UHCW Charity with Phil Ewing from Harrison, Beale & Owen
Numerous inquiries have already been done in a bid to locate Adela, who is known to have friends across Sheeld and in West Yorkshire.