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ADENAfrican Development Education Network
ADENAlos Data European Node (European Space Agency)
ADENAcute Disseminated Epidermal Necrosis
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Seyed Hossein al-Houthi told FNA that the news by the Saudi media claiming the fall of the Aden international airport is sheer lie.
The Supreme Security Committee of Aden has discussed the serious developments in the capital Sana'a and evaluated the military and security situation there due to the attacks against the symbol of national sovereignty and constitutional legitimacy, President Abdu Rabu Mansur Hadi," the statement read.
The reports presented in the meeting underscored the importance of accelerating implementation of vital projects of Aden, specially improving containers port, finalizing Aden public hospital, high way, sea road, rehabilitating the runway of Aden International Airport, and connecting basic services to the cooperative and residential societies.
Ali Al-Naqi, a local journalist in Aden city, said many local newspapers and news websites reported that the 4th Military Command is coordinating the spread of armed men inside the governorate.
The mission of the 34th fleet will last about three months in the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.
Bahah delivered a speech in which he talked about the significance of transport sector for the homeland in general and for Aden in particular.
APR Energy signed a contract with the Aden Public Electricity Corporation in June 2012 to provide 60MW during the summer using diesel technologies, according to the company's website.
Earlier this month, sources in Yemen disclosed that Riyadh has transferred control over Yemen's strategic Southern port city of Aden to its sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups, mainly ISIL.
Aden's Water and Sanitation Authority was destroyed during the invasion of Al Houthi militias of Aden where long-term damage was inflicted on the water pumps, causing a water shortage in the city.
Bahah's return from Saudi Arabia follows that of several other Yemeni ministers who relocated to Aden from the kingdom in the weeks after the city was retaken in July.
Aden was retaken by troops loyal to exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi last month, reinstating some stability to the southern port.
Local sources said that the aim of Bahah's trip was to check the security situation in order to see the possibility of starting to operate from Aden in the near future.