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By recalling the results of the ID presented in Figures 6 and 7 and by revising Table 6 with calculated adiabatic flame temperature of the studied fuels, it could be seen that both factors are favorable for reduction of NO at combusting of HVO in diesel engine.
Where [T.sub.i] is the initial flame temperature and [] is the adiabatic flame temperature.
Caption: FIGURE 4: Adiabatic flame temperature versus distance along the PFR using the PSR-PFR based on the generated five-step mechanism for methane oxidation, comparing with GRI 3.0 for different cases of 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9 (a) and 2, 4, 5, and 6 (b).
By increasing C[O.sub.2] content, adiabatic flame temperature and flame velocity decrease (Fig.
For a given lean premix combustion system, ignoring flashback, autoignition effects, and combustion instabilities, emissions will vary as a function of the fuel because of differences in stoichiometry and adiabatic flame temperature.
At [phi] = 1.0, the calculated adiabatic flame temperature [], and flame speed, with a relative humidity of 0%, 5%, and 50%, are 2226 K, 2225 K, and 2210 K, 26.65 cm/s, 26.61 cm/s, and 26.08 cm/s, respectively.
Soot temperature is assumed to be equal to the adiabatic flame temperature. This latter is computed for stoichiometric mixtures, knowing the reactants temperature and the EGR rate.
Studies have shown that water emulsified in fossil fuels used in all combustion systems can lead to reductions in the adiabatic flame temperature, resulting in measurable reductions of NOX emissions.
where [T.sub.b] denotes the final adiabatic flame temperature and [Y.sub.Fu] is the mass fraction of the fuel available in the particles.
To the Editor: A quick search on the Internet verified that the adiabatic flame temperature of jet fuel burned in air is about 3,140[degrees]F.
For the calculated adiabatic flame temperature of 2650 K in the SI experiments, the reactant-to-product intensity ratio is 3.75, which is 25x greater than the cross-section change, and the image shot-noise was of a comparable level to the cross-section change.
High efforts are done to correlate adiabatic flame temperature for light diesel and kerosene-air flames.
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