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ADIOAbstract Device Interface for Parallel Input Output
ADIOAssistive Devices Industry Office (Canada)
ADIOAbove Down, Inside Out (alternative medicine)
ADIOAnalog-Digital-Input-Output (adaptor)
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But suddenly he dropped his eyelids and the conversation finished as characteristically as it had begun: with a slow, dismissing inclination of the head and an "Adios, Senor - may God guard you from sin."
In the evening I gave my adios, with a hearty good-will, to my companion Mariano Gonzales, with whom I had ridden so many leagues in Chile.
Adios! And in the space where a second before you were not, in the silent space there is a figure going away, limping.
If I do not, may lightnings strike me!" "A pretty scholar," laughed the Lakeman."Adios, Senor!" and leaping into the sea, he swam back to his comrades.
Commenting on the facility in a statement, Adio's chief executive officer, Elham Al Qasim, said Sensetime's AI developments would be of "great value" to businesses across the region.
ADIO will provide a comprehensive support package to aid the establishment of SenseTime's EMEA R&D operations.
Managed by ADIO, the newly established fund is part of the government's Ghadan 21 programme that is working to accelerate Abu Dhabi's economy and build a dynamic and thriving entrepreneurial culture.
Whilst also driving the establishment and growth of start-ups in Abu Dhabi by increasing the amount of investment capital available in the market," said Elham Abdul Gafoor Mohammad Al Qasim, CEO of ADIO.
The ADIO adviser said the masterplan includes regions of Al Ain and Al Dhafra.
During this visit, the ADIO led a delegation of 16 state-run firms and 15 private firms from Abu Dhabi.
Adio makes the move to the Ericsson Indoor Arena while studying Bio Medicine at Coventry University, and will be joining the likes of Fran Williams and George Fisher in representing the Wasps Under-21s side while also providing added cover for the first team.
"I will always have a soft spot for Liverpool," says Adio, who grew up in Chorlton, Manchester.