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Therefore, the co and adjacent channel interference have to be considered as another factor when calculating the CIF.
Angueira, "Co-channel and adjacent channel interference and protection issues for DVB-T2 and IEEE 802.22 WRAN operation," IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol.
It can be seen that STB2 offers higher overloading threshold against adjacent channel interference.
Adjacent channel interference occurs when the frequency of one transmission partially overlaps with the neighboring channel as shown in figure 4.
In this paper, coexistence between TD-LTE and other systems is analyzed and operational requirements are provided to maintain an acceptable level of adjacent channel interference. Most of examples and applications will be explained by assuming TD-LTE/WiMax coexistence, but the proposed methodology and analysis can be applied to other coexistence scenarios (e.g., TD-LTE vs.
The first is spectral widening of the signal, which leads to out-of-band interference or adjacent channel interference (ACI) in a multichannel signal.
Thus, the receiver's adjacent channel interference rejection is a very important characteristic of an FDMA system.
However, it is difficult to obtain the accurate estimation of link/channel condition due to co-channel interference (CCI) and adjacent channel interference (ACI) in WMNs.
It was observed that the throughput loss considerably decreases as the Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio (ACIR) increases.