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Adjustable frequency drives have always included cost-effective methods for providing fast, reliable braking.
McIsaac says that adjustable frequency drives offer a substantial ROI in utilities savings for any pump application in the brew-house, filtration cellars, conveyors, fillers, labelers, carton make-up machines, condenser fans or CIP stations.
As the technology behind adjustable frequency drives developed, and faster Darlington bipolar transistors replaced SCRs, switching frequencies jumped from 360 to 3,000 Hz.
Siemens Electric provided the electrical system for the conveyors including the MCCs, PLC hardware, adjustable frequency drives, switchgear, electrical houses and motors.
To help control the speed of pumps used to pump raw sludge, chlorinated water and other liquids transported during the treatment process, many water treatment facilities have installed variable speed or adjustable frequency drives. Drives convert AC line current into an adjustable frequency AC current to precisely control pump motor speeds.
This would reveal the cost benefits of installing, for example, an energy-efficient lighting system, more-efficient electric motors or adjustable frequency drives running the HVAC or other building system.
The most commonly used method is adjustable frequency drives, which allow fan speed variation.
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