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He has obstructed the Administration of Justice, by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers.
They are unfettered by precedent in the administration of justice. Customs have been handed down by ages of repetition, but the punishment for ignoring a custom is a matter for individual treatment by a jury of the culprit's peers, and I may say that justice seldom misses fire, but seems rather to rule in inverse ratio to the ascendency of law.
Except in the Supreme Court at Washington (where the judges wear a plain black robe), there is no such thing as a wig or gown connected with the administration of justice. The gentlemen of the bar being barristers and attorneys too (for there is no division of those functions as in England) are no more removed from their clients than attorneys in our Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors are, from theirs.
Still, I cannot help doubting whether America, in her desire to shake off the absurdities and abuses of the old system, may not have gone too far into the opposite extreme; and whether it is not desirable, especially in the small community of a city like this, where each man knows the other, to surround the administration of justice with some artificial barriers against the 'Hail fellow, well met' deportment of everyday life.
"That, brother Sancho," said the canon, "only holds good as far as the enjoyment of the revenue goes; but the lord of the seigniory must attend to the administration of justice, and here capacity and sound judgment come in, and above all a firm determination to find out the truth; for if this be wanting in the beginning, the middle and the end will always go wrong; and God as commonly aids the honest intentions of the simple as he frustrates the evil designs of the crafty."
To the ministry of foreign affairs belonged the administration of justice, the household of the king, and all that concerned arts, sciences, and belles lettres.
But Francois, chuckling at the incident while unswerving in the administration of justice, brought his lash down upon Buck with all his might.
Justice Bozimo said courts' ICT staff are indispensable in the administration of justice, as they play supportive roles to judicial officers.
Sheriff Principal Ian R Abercrombie QC, of Dumfries and Galloway, will open the new court and said:"This new facility, which incorporates a vulnerable witness suite and high-tech prison to court video link, will enhance the administration of justice locally and provide a modern, bespoke court fit for the 21st century."
Gaborone Central legislator, Dr Phenyo Butale had asked the minister if there were any positions occupied by officers who had reached the compulsory retirement age of sixty in the Administration of Justice, excluding judges.
The top court has reiterated its consistent view that the real object of initiating contempt proceedings is not to afford protection to the judges from imputation to which they might be exposed personally as individuals or to satisfy the ego of a judge by punishing such person, instead, it is to maintain and strengthen the confidence of the public in general and the litigants in the court and to vindicate the honour and dignity of the Court to ensure that the administration of justice is not diminished or weakened.
"I saw Cebu City's efforts to achieve the overall Justice Zone objective of having a swift and fair administration of justice, under your immediate objective of increased efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system," he said.
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