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Two pillars of the administrative command system--the allocation of resources by the ministries and party interventions--were destroyed without being replaced by a new allocation system.
Any changes desired by an Administrative Command to the budget itemization approved by Treasury and Congress must wait until execution.
The governor authorizes the grant to Nusku-ibni, and this, Hurowitz argues, is a formal sign of the extension of the mundane chain of administrative command up to Enlil (pp.
Schneider's book clearly moves away from treating disaster management as a standard problem of administrative command and control and toward interpreting it as a more flexible, adaptive, complex system.
First, the vanguard of the proletariat would eliminate all political and economic obstacles by stamping out capitalism, and then it would proceed by replacing the market with administrative command planning.
While an administrative command system of management has such inherent features as chronic shortage, shortages have grown rapidly and resulted in the full demolition of the market in recent years.
The economic crisis in the USSR, expressing itself in a near total collapse of the currency, empty shops, declining industrial output, illustrated the death throes of the old centrally planned system, the 'administrative command system', but the failure to find an acceptable and viable way out of the crisis was illustrated by the multiplicity of 'salvation plans' and the search for solutions in several third world countries.
The administrative command method, although it is referred to as command, has weaned people away from making decisions.
His duty stations included: USS Foss (DE59); Naval Administrative Command, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, Calif.; Mobile Signal Communications Company, Allied Forces, Southern Europe, Naples, Italy; Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, Texas; USS Vulcan (AR5); Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, Ga.; Navy Fleet Material Support Office, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Supply Officer, USS Kitty Hawk (CVA63); Defense Personnel Support Center, Philadelphia; Staff, Commander Service Force, U.S.
Cp(S) is the total cost of using the price system, while Ca(S) is the total cost of allocating resources by administrative command. Cp(S) is at a maximum when all resource transfer are accomplished by reactions on the part of resource owners to differences in relative prices that are perceived by these owners as profit opportunities.
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