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AHONetherlands Antilles
AHOAcute Hematogenous Osteomyelitis
AHOAdministrative Hearing Officer (various organizations)
AHOAlbright Hereditary Osteodystrophy
AHOAffordable Housing Office (various locations)
AHOAlghero, Sardinia, Italy - Fertilia (Airport Code)
AHOAbove Highest Obstacle
AHOAlabama Hospice Organization
AHOAusschuss der Verbände und Kammern der Ingenieure und Architekten für die Honorarordnung eV (German: Committee of Engineer Associations and Boards of Engineers for Fee Structures for Architects and Engineers)
AHOArmée Hollondaise (French: Austrian Army; philatelic cancel mark)
AHOApproval Holder Orientation
AHOAyumi Hamasaki Online
AHOAssisted Hand Off (cell phone technology)
AHOAd-Hoc Overlay
AHOAfrican Hebrew Organisation (Nigeria)
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During her career in public service, she has also worked as a senior attorney with the Department of Economic Opportunity/Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission, office administrator in Orlando for the Agency for Workforce Innovation, and administrative hearing officer with the formerly named Department of Labor and Employment Security.
It prohibits any state court or administrative hearing officer from deferring to an administrative agency's interpretation of a state statute or rule and instead requires the interpretation to be de novo, as a court is required to do when it reviews matters of law.
The investigator never reviewed M.C.'s disciplinary record, which contained five different disciplinary actions between September 2014 and March 2015, or the medical reports stemming from M.C.'s fight with the other student.<br />Betts appealed the Department's finding, first to an administrative hearing officer and then to the circuit court.
The case went through an adjudication process, and the administrative hearing officer determined that hoop houses don't comply with Elmhurst codes.
A former judge, administrative hearing officer, and prosecutor, Vukelic, after hearing thousands of DWI cases, knows the questions defense attorneys typically ask in DWI cases and has included many in his book.
States generally permit the taxpayer to dispute his assessment before an administrative hearing officer or the tax commissioner prior to paying their assessment.
The court upheld Administrative Hearing Officer Donald Mitchell's administrative order in most material respects, including provisions that required the LGC to refund more than $52 million to its members.
Generally for the linkage between administrative adjudications and judicial review, courts accord strong deference to factual findings but de novo review to the legal conclusions of an administrative hearing officer, with the reasons being relative visibility and expertise.
These two pieces of evidence proved sufficient at the DMV hearing to sway the administrative hearing officer into returning the client's license.
Once a citation or warrant is issued, the offender must appear before an administrative hearing officer. South Carolina has several hearing officers who preside over these hearings.
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