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required for an administrative inspection, it would need to fit the
(5) Regardless, the United States Supreme Court has repeatedly pointed out that a warrantless administrative inspection based on a reduced expectation of privacy is the exception, not the rule.
He also spoke on administrative inspection and programmes to promote BDF personnel's performance, administrative efficiency and combat readiness.
(174) More important, the existence of a warrant does not take a Fourth Amendment intrusion outside the administrative inspection doctrine.
In upholding the actions of the officer, the Supreme Court recognized that it had "never held, outside the context of inventory search or administrative inspection, that an officer's motive invalidates objectively justifiable behavior under the Fourth Amendment." (23) Quite the contrary, the Court has "been unwilling to entertain Fourth Amendment challenges based on the actual motivations of individual officers." (24) The decision in Whren stands for the proposition that the subjective motivation of a law enforcement officer does not invalidate an objectively reasonable seizure.
Before beginning the detailed analysis of the active substances, an examination carried our by a Member State rapporteur, (France in this instance) the dossier is then subject to an administrative inspection to check that it has been suitably completed.
The Management and Coordination Agency on Friday urged the National Police Agency (NPA) to ''revamp and reform'' the nation's police work after releasing a report sharply critical of the sloppy and cozy manner a series of police administrative inspection were conducted under the NPA's watch.
OSAKA, June 3 Kyodo The Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay is not taking sufficient steps to prepare its staff for rescue operations in the event of an airplane accident, officials at the Administrative Inspection Bureau's Kinki regional office said Thursday.
Accordingly, a warrantless administrative inspection would not be reasonable under the Barlow's test.(182)
On the other hand, in line with the directives of the Deputy Premier, the probe committee Chairman, the committee spotlighted a number of issues related to the incident, including the notification and administrative inspection procedures as well as psychological and educational supervision at schools.
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