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Mayor's report; administrative report; adoption of the updated strategic plan; approval of franchise agreement with Emerald Valley Wastewater Co.
The number of government officials was reduced from 37,217 to 35,009 or by 2,208 officials, said Vice Prime Minister and Chief of Prime Minister's Executive Office Aaly Karashev at the first meeting of the Presidential Council today.Over 240 thousand som will be saved as a result of government staff reduction, said Aaly Karashev in his report on progress of implementation of administrative report.The Vice Prime Minister underscored that development of a new government structure became the first stage in the administrative reform.
An administrative report of Federal Capital reveals that out of 140 seminaries there are 18 Madaris in federal capital, which are not being registered yet.
Southwest Fisheries Science Center Administrative Report LJ-92-18.
To ensure compliance, companies need to address the following issues, drawn from an administrative report card the GSA has produced on compliance: ordering issues, price lists, financial considerations, and administrative actions.
An administrative report on the Terminal's collapse--tasked with establishing the facts behind what happened and making recommendations about what should happen to the building next--was ordered by the French Government.
According to the young teacher, the director filed an administrative report against her for "violating the ethical and moral values of the school," and stated that if she continued recommending readings not approved by the Public Education Secretariat, she would be committing an infraction that warrants dismissal.
Readers might like to know, for example, whether material is coming from a criminal complaint or an administrative report. They might also like to know when and where in a document an extract is taken and who is speaking, whether complainant, defendant, witness, prosecutor, or judge.
Every novelist must consider Henry James in his protest against formless 'realism', against novels of social record which turn literature into an administrative report, a puritan litany.
The meeting will also review the administrative report on the activities and programmes of OCC during 2018, as well as the financial statements and auditor's report for the past year and its approval by the General Assembly, in addition to the draft budget for the fiscal year 2019.
The APF members reviewed the financial and administrative report of the general secretariat as well as the next two-year operational and strategic plan.
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