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Dr Saima Akhtar, in-charge of the KU admissions committee, informed that the committee has recently sought the degree examination results from the examination department.
Attorney Myssana Morany, coordinator of Adalah's Land and Planning Rights Unit, commented: "The purported 'social and cultural fabric' of these 24 communities is nothing more than a fiction designed to blur the main purpose of the admissions committee: the legalized implementation of racist segregation.
The results, the researchers argue in a paper published in Academic Medicine, point to the need to have "strong representation of medical students, women, and African Americans on admissions committees...
The 5 to 4 decision by the panel of the Supreme Court has ended a legal challenge to the "Admissions Committees Law" which permits communities to use arguments about "social suitability" and the "social and cultural fabric" of a town to refuse residency.
Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN observer, said the Palestinians would be consulting Arab leaders and supporters on their next steps after the council's admissions committee approved a report saying there is no consensus among the 15 council nations on the membership application.
<![CDATA[ The PA's bid for UN membership to go to Security Council, after admissions committee says there is no consensus.
UNITED NATIONS (TAP) - The United Nations Security Council agreed Wednesday to send the Palestinian application for statehood to its admissions committee for review.
Making "one of the most difficult decisions in my life", Aharon Barak, the court's president, ordered Katzir's admissions committee to consider the family's application, warning that it could not reject them because of their ethnicity.
To spearhead increased emphasis on admissions, the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT) formed an Admissions Committee in Fall 2003.
Armed with the data, the subcommittee will go to a full undergraduate admissions committee with recommendations.
When you were sitting before the medical admissions committee, you undoubtedly were asked.
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