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ADONISAdvanced On-Screen Information System
ADONISAMOS Daytime Optical Near-Infrared Imaging System
ADONISAmerican-Australian Trial with Dronedarone in Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter Patients for the Maintenance of Sinus Rhythm (heart patient study)
ADONISArticle Delivery Over Network Information System
ADONISAdaptation of Numerical Hydrodynamic Tools for Integration Into Ship Design Systems
ADONISAutomatic Digital On-line Instrumentation System
ADONISUS/NATO Off-Line Encryption System
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Venus and Adonis,' in particular, seems to have become at once the most popular poem of its own time.
Confronting him, with a face that was a composite of destroying angel and Adonis, was a man holding a smoking revolver.
Prowling the city streets searching for temporary, paying sexual partners inevitably leads Adonis to some districts of the capital more than others.
During the visit, held in a caf recently opened at the station with the involvement of rail company Wrexham and Shropshire, Lord Adonis was briefed on the benefits that have followed on from the company's decision to base its rail operations in the town.
Union officials were privately said to be "livid" with Lord Adonis - one said he had "blundered" into the dispute without knowing all the facts.
This is very exciting for Adonis because only one person from his province is chosen for the once-in-four-years event.
Despite the difficulties, Bell was able to open The Adonis Complex in June and is now focusing on providing clients with "personal training on a more personal level," while working to gain more clients through her radio, newspaper and movie theater ads.
Reflecting on his origins in Identite Inachevee ("Unrealized Identity"), a collection of interviews, Adonis remarks that he never had a childhood, since from an early age he was put to work in the fields.
His treatment of Spenser's Garden of Adonis uses Freud's ideas about mourning (225).
This is where Adonis &Abbey publishers, a young, London-based publishing outfit, wants to make a difference.
Earlier, Adonis had battled their way through the tough group stages with wins over the holders Cardiff Rangers 2-1, Glyncoed Nomads 3-1 and The Caerau 4-0.
Indeed, the love story of the couple begins to dissolve and the two characters return to their "first" loves, Venus to being a worshiped goddess, Adonis to hunting.