ADOPAttitude Dilution of Precision
ADOPAmbiguity Dilution of Precision
ADOPAutomated Design Optimization Program
ADOPAdvanced Distributed On Board Processor
ADOPAguila de Oro Productions (San Diego, CA)
ADOPAssociate Director of Operations
ADOPAttention Deficit Oh Pretty!
ADOPAd-Options Ltd (UK)
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Creation of the Anti-Doping Disciplinary College, independent of ADoP, but to whom ADoP will provide logistical support, which will centralize the hearing of the interested parties and the decision on the disciplinary penalties to be applied.
Antes de que los participantes respondieran el ADOP, se les pidio que contestaran algunas preguntas sociodemograficas en una hoja independiente, e indicaran si estaban dispuestos a donar sus organos al morir.
(iii) Let [x.sub.5,3] denote quality indicator for the ambiguities expressed by ADOP from Section 3.2.2.
adop. is the levels of technology adoption representing the state of technological development in 1000 BC, 1 AD, and 1500 AD; Yrs since agr.
journals, there is a predominance of studies addressing the effect of adop tion on the capital and/or credit market, contrary to the other journals, dominated by studies addressing the effect of IFRS adoption on information quality.
So, in our context an adaptation operation Adop is a transaction when its primitive operations are the primitive reconfiguration actions Prac.
Una ac titud que pue de n adop tar padres/madres en el acompanamiento a sus hijos/as en esta etapa es el reconocimiento de los propios errores y la capacidad para enmendarlos.
El problema surgio porque en Latinoame rica se adop to mayoritariamente (salvo algunos honrosos casos ya senalados) el modelo de la escuela clasica angloamericana sin siquiera haber hecho adaptacion alguna.
He quickly' learned hand signs, was adop and now lives a spoiled life with a ti adoring family.
(3) The overall aim of the project is to analyse the meanings and varying levels of importance that have been ascribed to adop tees' culture of origin by the NIA and by the adoptees themselves.
Are company owner, or director in there w busy for but the us, we c "The much as the sun nowher rather b the beer balcony make it year rou "We a back the festival festivals other ev Adop "organis the back "We l this bus Debbie.
For Ferrar, the work he's done to broaden opportunities for wine and spirits retailers in Maryland often proves to be a competitive advantage - because he's willing to move first to adop new innovations.