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ABROAdoptive Brother
ABROArmy Base Repair Organisation
ABROAircraft Base Radio Operator
ABROAmerican Belarussian Relief Organization (Zebulon, NC)
ABROAnimal Breeding Research Organisation (UK)
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To save Life As We Know It, Thor seeks help from his duplicitous adoptive brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), who has been imprisoned for killing thousands of humans at ''New York.'' Hiddleston's sneering Loki remains one of the finest Marvel antagonists, and -- now with a starring role in three films -- the franchise seems to value him (as it should) as much as his more heroic brother.
After shining so brightly in Rush, Chris Hemsworth is a little bit dull here, failing to strike up much of a spark with Portman and having to rely on his duplicitous adoptive brother, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) for help.
Her adoptive brother insists that she would not have jumped, and retains Strike to investigate.
London, Mar 20 ( ANI ): Bobbi Kristina's spokesperson has denied claims that she is going to marry her adoptive brother, Nick Gordon.
Meanwhile, his consigliere and adoptive brother, Tom Hagan, is left steaming and feeling on the outs with his boss.
Anwar's adoptive brother Sukma Darmawan Saasmitaat Madja is being jointly tried for the same offense with Azizan at the same time and place.
Recently, however, Pierre Chaplais has suggested, in Piers Gaveston: Edward II's Adoptive Brother (1994) another interpretation of the relationship, arguing that the two men entered into a brotherhood-in-arms at some point in the early 1300s, and that this compact is sufficient explanation for the intensity of their relationship, even to the extent that the King ignored and indeed humiliated his indignant spouse.
The police claim she jumped from her flat's balcony but her adoptive brother John is convinced she was murdered.
Erica was reported missing July 30, 2013, by her adoptive brother, James, who said at the time she had not been seen for nearly two years.
At the start of the week, the village villain confesses his role in Katie's death to his adoptive brother, Andy.
Bobbi's husband Nick Gordon - who is also her adoptive brother - is believed to have told pals he thinks he should be in line for some of the estate which could be up to PS10million.