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This obtains whether death-names are applied in reference to the deaths of true parents, true siblings, adoptive parents, adoptive siblings, or the adopted child itself.
Last month, three of Swartout's adoptive siblings - none of whom are mentioned in Lewis's affidavit - contacted The Register-Guard to say they thought their sister had faked her pregnancy and never gave birth to the son she is accused of killing.
The risk of drug abuse was significantly elevated in the adopted offspring of biological parents who were abusing drugs; in biological full and half siblings of adopted children with drug abuse; and in adoptive siblings of adopted children with drug abuse.
The bobcats are expected to grow over the coming months to the size of large dogs - about 22 inches tall and up to 70 pounds - while their adoptive siblings will likely max out around 10 pounds.
This typically covers brothers and sisters--either full, half or through a step relationship--and foster and adoptive siblings (Elgar and Head, 1999).
Following the death of their mother in a robbery, a quartet of adoptive siblings try to overcome their differences to avenge the injustice.
Overall, for use of any substance (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs), the correlation between the two twins or siblings in a pair was higher among monozygotic twins (0.82) than among dizygotic twins (0.75), biologic siblings (0.40), or adoptive siblings (0.32).
(21.) Codes for the various Soviet republics contained almost identical adoption laws, save for some variations on age limits between adopter and adoptee, the types of procedures for abrogating an adoption, and whether legal connections existed between adopted children and their adoptive siblings and grandparents.
For example, the average, weighted IQ correlations among unrelated adoptive siblings range from 0.29 to 0.34 (Bouchard & McGue, 1981), indicating, again, that shared rearing environments explain only one-third of the variation in IQ among siblings.
Then again, she and her adoptive siblings are finally going to find out who murdered their mother in the BBC1 series - a different killer to the one Agatha Christie wrote in her book.
But they do not speak for all of the accused Springfield woman's adoptive siblings, others say.
In addition, the degree of interest can differ between adoptive siblings within the same family because of varying levels of curiosity, and differences in personality and pre-adoptive heritage.