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Corticosterone, but not glucose, treatment enables fasted adrenalectomized rats to survive moderate hemorrhage.
94) Two glands removed from a rat were cut in half and the four parts were immediately transplanted into pockets between the fascia and abdominal muscle of the bilateral adrenalectomized rat.
Central but not peripheral glucocorticoid infusion in adrenalectomized male rats increases basal and substrate-induced insulinemia through a parasympathetic pathway.
In this study, we investigated whether the combination of escin and glucocorticoids would produce synergistic effects in the inhibition of carrageenan-induced inflammation in adrenalectomized rats.
N-acetyl-l-cysteine protects intestinal lymphocytes from apoptotic death after acute exercise in adrenalectomized mice.
All stressors result in increases in corticoids and catecholamines from the adrenal gland medulla but it is unlikely that these have a major influence on LH secretion because stress effects on GnRH have been observed in adrenalectomized animals (Rivier & Rivest, 1991).
Leptin rapidly inhibits hypothalamic neuropeptide Y secretion and stimulates corticotropin-releasing hormone secretion in adrenalectomized mice.
Intraventricular corticosterone increases the rate of body weight gain in underweight adrenalectomized rats.
Adrenalectomized animals require daily hormone replacement therapy (prednisone), and owners should be instructed to monitor for signs of hypoadrenocorticism.
Our experience suggests also that the very rapid Nichols aldosterone assay has a serious problem with nonspecific interference, possibly because of the brevity of the "wash" immediately before chemiluminescence, leading to an unacceptably high blank value in bilaterally adrenalectomized and Addisonian patients.
However, thymus atrophy was also observed in DBT- and TBT-treated adrenalectomized rats (Seinen and Willems 1976; Snoeij et al.
In an ovariectomized and adrenalectomized (OVX/ADX) rat, exogenous estrogen is sufficient to induce reproductive behavior.