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ADSOActive Duty Service Obligation (US military)
ADSOAssistant District Staff Officer
ADSOAustralian Defence Simulation Office
ADSOAssistant Division Signal Officer
ADSOAdditional Duty Safety Officer
ADSOApplication Development System/Online (US Department of Homeland Security)
ADSOAIS Domain Security Officer
ADSOArmy Directed Studies Office
ADSOAttention Data Search Optimization
ADSOAir Defence System Operator (India)
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Indeed, it is ironie that Adso at the beginning of "Day One" should be worried about "lingering too long over marginalia" (p.
Just as Adso is both narrator and character in the story of The Name of the Rose, Crocker is both narrator and character in her history of Boston and the place of women in its politics.
The ADSO, in conjunction with its partners, has been successful in getting at least 27 states to recognize Army truckdriver training and experience as an acceptable standard for the driving skills test portion of the CDL exam.
Active-duty service obligation for commissioning from a service academy like West Point, ROTC scholarship for ADSO, and student loan repayment for ADSO do not qualify.
Palavras do personagem Adso de Melk, no Prologo de O Nome da Rosa:
Reading list: Adso of Montier-en-Der's De vita et tempore Antichristi; Humbert of Moyenmoutier's Three Books against the Simoniacs; Bonacursus' Manifestatio heresies catarorum; Arras' c.
43) En El nombre de la rosa, Adso recuerda las palabras de su maestro sobre el fatal destino de la razon y la verdad: "Es dificil aceptar la idea de que no puede existir un orden en el universo, porque ofenderia la libre voluntad de Dios y su omnipotencia.
The observation is an echo of a discovery about literary tradition made by Adso, one of the protagonists of Umberto Eco's The name of the rose (1984: 342):
A, Avery Dennison, DP World, ADSO Logistics and MERFIDA.
Where William of Baskerville's apprentice Adso Melk asks what language the hunchback Salvatore is speaking, he answers: "All languages and none".
Digital Design is broadening their video production products with the introduction of their new OVideo AdsO aimed at giving travel professionals a way to promote their business through a video message online.
Tolkien seems to have often thought about the end times, (18) and he would have had access to the Enoch and Elijah legends about the Parousia in many forms, from the Latin of the Glossa and of Adso's Libellus de Antichristo, to the Old English of a translation of Adso and several of Aelfric's sermons, to Cornish in the magnum opus of Cornwall, the Ordinalia, where it appears in the Resurrection Play.