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ADTRANAdvanced Transmission
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As part of an initial focus, the team will work on ADTRAN's fiber access portfolio, including its award-winning XGS-PON, GPON and other SD-Access solutions.
Whether it is a Mosaic networking function covering carrier-grade NETCONF, vOMCI or analytics, these modules can all be seamlessly ported to open Linux platforms for integration with white box hardware solutions, ADTRAN Director of Mosaic Portfolio Chris Thompson said.
We expect our partners to have the same servant's heart for our members as we do, and both FiberRise and ADTRAN are delivering that for us.
The resiliency, scale and low-latency capabilities of the ADTRAN SD-Access based mmWave solution make it the clear choice for operators seeking an affordable and sustainable 5G rollout, specifically in those instances where backhaul fiber is initially unavailable or impractical, said Hossam Salib, VP, cable & wireless strategy at ADTRAN.
ADTRAN Mosaic OS is a key component of the industry's most open and complete SD-Access architecture, said Jay Wilson, ADTRAN's senior vice president, technology and strategy.
Under this deal, financial details of which were not available, Bezeq is leveraging ADTRAN's solutions in a variety of locations and deployment scenarios including FTTB, FTTCab and both aerial and subterranean FTTdp.
ADTRAN is increasing the addressable market for residential, business and wireless backhaul services through a fully open and interoperable broadband access network.
- Built-in High Availability: By building high availability into the vWLAN platform, ADTRAN enables managed service providers and resellers to provide business continuity and reduce risk traditionally associated with cloud-based services.
ADTRAN, Inc., (NASDAQ:ADTN), the provider of next-generation open networking and subscriber experience solutions, has announced that Lumos Networks, a Segra company, is leveraging the ADTRAN 10G fiber access portfolio to deploy network-wide 10Gbps or 10G fiber services for small business customers, the company said.
As the market provider of building and deploying solutions for CAF and rural applications, ADTRAN has delivered numerous innovations through its sealed micro FTTN solutions that help service providers affordably deliver ultra-broadband (100+Mbps) services into remote and rural areas.
The ADTRAN 1148VX OSP DSLAM enables operators, like TT, to offer subscribers in all areas higher broadband speeds (more than 90Mb/s with distance of around 200m with remote power, more than 59Mb/s with 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi, and more than 20Mb/s for distance of about 2km) by deploying environmentally-sealed, temperature-hardened micro-FTTX solutions that can avoid the delay penalties incurred waiting for the local electrical utility to provide power.
ADTRAN's demonstrating non-service impacting wavelength switching in less than 50 milliseconds on its NG-PON2 OLTs presents the market an economic, scalable solution for network operators worldwide.