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ABEPAssociação Brasileira de Estudos Populacionais (Brasil)
ABEPAuditory Brain Stem Evoked Potential (diagnostic tool; neurology)
ABEPArkansas Board of Examiners in Psychology (Little Rock, AR)
ABEPAdult Basic Education Programme (University of Botswana)
ABEPAverage Bit-Error Probability
ABEPAcetate Buffer Extraction Procedure
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OSET accesses learners through; Adult Basic Education Programme (ABEP), Skills Development and Training and Out of School Education for Children (OSEC).
The director said some other achievements included the implementation of Adult Basic Education programme, out of school education for children, and the skills development and training programme with adult education programme having their blue print and OSEC policy developed.
* Some models or progression in adult basic education programmes in Africa
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