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Table 3 divides the sample into ten equal groups (deciles), from lowest to highest income per adult equivalent. For each decile, it shows income per adult equivalent and per capita.
* Children with BMI < 5% were categorised as Underweight/Thin and those with BMI of 23 Adult equivalent were termed as Risk of Overweight and those with BMI of 25 Adult equivalent were termed as Risk of Obesity.
We used adult equivalent household income (the household income was deflated to the value of 2005; we calibrated the household income as per adult equivalent using the modified OECD scale; the Statistical Office of the European Union (EUROSTAT) adopted in the late 1990s the so-called "OECD-modified equivalence scale"; this scale, first proposed by Haagenars et al.
Some of the protesters who have crossed the line into violence, or threats of violence, have justified it with the adult equivalent of "he started it" or "he had it coming."
He said using 2013-2014 data head count poverty came out to be 29.5 percent, while in monetary terms poverty line came out to be Rs 3030 per adult equivalent per month.
The nutrition cell of Planning Commission, Government of Pakistan reduced the calorie cut-off point for Pakistan to 2150 calories per person per day per adult in 2002 but revised this threshold level to 2350 calories per adult equivalent per day in July 2002 [Anwar (2006)].
Taking this into account, a food security index was constructed for the purpose of this study and the food security status of each household was determined based on the food security line using the recommended daily calorie intake (2,850 Kcal/day) by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) after the conversion of all household members' calorie intake into adult equivalent [20, 21].
In Namibia, the severe poverty line is measured as being an income of N$3330.48 per year or less per adult equivalent, based on the cost of meeting food as well as some non-food needs.
Transfer printed with classical scenes, they are every bit as fine as the adult equivalent.
This website is a companion to the 'Who else writes like' website (, the adult equivalent, and there is a 15% discount for subscribing to both.
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