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ADEQArizona Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQArkansas Department of Environmental Quality
ADEQAssociation for the Development of Environmental Quality (Thailand)
ADEQAdult Equivalent
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For each decile, it shows income per adult equivalent and per capita.
Our measured BMI value across age groups were displayed along with the revised IAP BMI cut-off at 23 and 27, an adult equivalent respectively of overweight and obese for comparison (Table 4).
64 per month per adult equivalent and in 2005-06 the inflation adjusted official poverty line was Rs 944.
ADEQ = adult equivalent units, A = number of adults (above the age of 15 years) C = number of children in a household (below the age of 15 years).
The adult equivalent are summerhouses, which can be simple or simply luxurious.
The Bossert- Schworm measure (2006) of polarization has been used whereas the units of measurement include both the aggregate household as well as per adult equivalent household.
Expenditure on calorie intake of 2350 calories per adult equivalent per day, along with consumption expenditure on non-food items, is aggregated to construct a poverty line.
Cooke is hoping that a more streamlined approach can be developed that makes use of a man's own SSCs and stroma (the adult equivalent of the mesenchyme) to produce new skin cells or other tissues when needed - for example, to replace skin damaged in a burn.
This information was used to estimate the number of adult equivalent persons in a household consuming 2,500 calories (i.
It is estimated that in England, 3,500 apparently healthy adults die suddenly each year from SADS, the adult equivalent of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
A fourth issue concerns the use of unadjusted per capita consumption/income instead of adult equivalent consumption/ income, although the latter reflects better differences in household structure.
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