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AMEPAdult Migrant English Program
AMEPApplied Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics (degree program; University of Wisconsin-Madison)
AMEPAdult Migrant Education Program (Australia)
AMEPAfrican Middle East Petroleum Co.
AMEPAdvanced Marine Electric Propulsion (motors; California)
AMEPAsymptotic Multi-User Error Probability
AMEPAssociation for Medical Education in Pakistan
AMEPAutomated Missile Engagement Planner
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The new Humanitarian Settlement Program will: improve English language, education and employment outcomes for humanitarian entrants, including introducing new methods to track outcomes over time create clearer linkages to the Adult Migrant English Program and the Skills for Education and Employment Program, and jobactive.
Review of the Adult Migrant English Program. Retrieved 30 April 2011 from
Contract Awarded for adult migrant english program - provider forum
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