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ÅSÅsane Fotball (Norwegian football club)
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This is a strangely haunting collection of whimsy with adult situations and language.
Thanks to gag-heavy script, frankly adult situations and a cameo from a suave Jason Alexander -- with hair, no less!
The riotous 10episode series is developed by the creators of comedy shows "Eastbound and Down" and "Archer." There is swaggering, countless adult situations and unpredictable shenanigansbut they are balanced out by accessible humor and heart.
Adult situations (relationships and fantasies) make this book more suitable for mature adolescents.
Aya contains adult situations and people talking about sex (no sex is shown, though there's lots of it) and is recommended for graphic novel collections that cater to high school students.
I get her to become involved in adult situations like phoning a restaurant manager to complain about the food the night before.
Recommended for mature audiences due to graphic details pertaining to murder and adult situations. Sunnie Grant, South Hampton, NH
Project's geared for all ages; its TV-PG rating isn't for any manufactured violence, strong language or adult situations but rather a few intense scenes that superbly convey the perilous nature of pioneer life.
"Mel and Joanna deal with adult situations in an immature and childish way.
Spring Awakening contains strong language, adult situations and mature themes and may not be appropriate for younger or sensitive audiences.
Yergen's At Times I Almost Dream serves up a world of almost child-like fantasy mixed with heavy adult situations. A collection of short stories, each narrative punctuates the tough topics of love, loss, and lust while moving in between thresholds of the Earth and mind.
Published by the evangelical Christian publisher Zondervan, it appears as if efforts have been made to avoid overtly adult situations and language.
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