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ADUNAhli Dewan Undangan Negeri
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We merely know that after a short pause Mary said, 'Lor, do adun, Mr.
'We are drafting and discussing if there is a need for ADUN to declare their assets.
Ibas had in a welcome address disclosed that ADUN was established as a public-private-partnership through the joint efforts of Nigerian Navy Holdings and Hellenic Education of Nigeria.
Level of neutral detergent unavailable nitrogen (NDUN), acid detergent unavailable nitrogen (ADUN), neutral detergent insoluble protein (NDIP) and acid detergent insoluble protein (ADIP) of the silage of fifteen sorghum genotypes grown for silage production.
Adun (Uttarakhand), Mar 17(ANI): Over eight months ago, Alpha Foundation, a voluntary forum instituted an exclusive school for slum children at Dehradun in Uttarakhand.
Moyses code ba adun of dam munte, & haefde him on handa twa staenene tabulan (cf.
Lawai Adun Lg Biung George Phusu (Son of Lg Sinai Lawai Adun) 2.
In toward ower weoued ne beode ye na mon for te bihalden, ah yef his deuotiun bit hit ant haued grant, drahed ow wel inward ant te ueil adun toward ower breoste, ant sone dod pe clad ayein ant fesmid hete-ueste, yef he loked toward bed oder easked hwer ye ligged, ondsweried lihtliche, "Sire, per-of wel mei duhen," ant halded ow stille.
Adun Adundetcharat, whom they distrusted, was connected with the project.
Lokidh thet ghe ne beon nawt the bors eschif iliche the schunchedh for a schadewe, ant falledh adun i the weater of the hehe brugge.