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The NASN's mission is to "improve the health and educational success of children and youth by developing and providing leadership to advance school nursing practice." Its core purpose is to "promote student success through the advancement of school health services by professional registered school nurses." Its core values, "scholarship, excellence, integrity and collegiality," when coupled with its mission and core purpose, has led the NASN to become the leading worldwide expert for school health services.
President's New Freedom Initiative: Capitalizing on opportunities to advance school mental health.
RATHER than embrace Chicago's ambitious Renaissance 2010 program as a vehicle to advance school reform and the small schools movement while integrating greater accountability into the system, William Ayers and Michael Klonsky, pioneers in small school development, attack the initiative with inaccurate, misleading statements.
Tammy Johnson is director of the ERASE (Expose Racism and Advance School Excellence) Initiative at the Applied Research Center in Oakland.
The purposes of the Academy are to advance school psychology as a science and practice and to promote and enhance the discipline in its various settings and through its professional organizations.
The meeting's purposes were to 1) review progress in implementing priority actions identified at the 1994 conference on School Health Nursing Services: Exploring National Issues and Priorities, and 2) identify additional priority actions that need to be implemented to advance school health nursing.
Because the advance school incorporates "hands-on" training, the class size is smaller, which requires more sessions.
One of the largest investments in ARRA is in education-related programs, which provide an opportunity to advance school reform and improvement efforts, and funding opportunities from a number of federal agencies can be used to support the major components of full-service schools.
* Frame and advance school reform agendas by using the "bully pulpit" and sponsoring a local education summit.
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