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1958) (providing a Telex message from Commanding Gen., Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to Commanding Gen., Army Commc'ns Zone, Advance Section, Verdun, France (1 May 1958)).
Any advance section also can be unwound, opened, and filled with inserted product.
It's agreed that the News Tribune will print the P-I's Saturday advance sections. Company president Kelly e-mails Dell to let her know how much the papers appreciate the help.
Main news, classified, food, and Sunday advance sections, as in most newspapers, are published in both formats.
Heidelberg Web Systems Inc., Dover, N.H., acting as exclusive North American sales and service agent for Rima System, announced the RS-25S-OH overhead compensating counter stacker for newspapers with low page-count preprints, inserts, and advance sections (up to 32 pages or 16 broadsheet pages as wide as 161/2 inches).
Besides being "next to impossible" to outsource editorial color against a daily deadline, the spokesperson continued, "we have a very good color prepress staff, and we intend to continue to make effective use of them." Even illustrations for advance sections "are all treated as editorial photos and handled internally"
In a two-year project that is mostly on schedule and expected to be complete by year's end, said Benjamin, the paper now paginates all its advance sections and business pages, is about to begin paginating its zoned A and B sections, and will then move on to sports.
To assure correct routing of preinserted five sheets and advance sections, Zip-zone product identification should be clearly indicated above each carrier's workstation in the distribution centers.
The challenge is to move printed products -- inserts, advance sections, late news sections and complete newspapers -- to distribution centers, and between printing and inserting plants.
GMA also showed FlexiRoll, a Miller Martini wheel-like device for storing and transporting preprinted ads and advance sections before they are unwound for inserting.
When main news sections come off the press early in the morning, advance sections are unwound and inserted at press speed to create papers for single-copy sales.
And it's also true that things went pretty smoothly when the press began printing advance sections right after installation in the fall of 1992.