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AATEAustralian Association for the Teaching of English
AATEAmerican Alliance for Theatre and Education (Bethesda, MD)
AATEAdvanced Affordable Turbine Engine (US Army)
AATEAmerican Association of Teachers of Esperanto
AATEAfrican American Theatre Ensemble (Evanston, IL)
AATEArctic Acoustic Transmission Experiment
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Likewise, these technologies can be incorporated into new engines including the GE3000, which was demonstrated in the Armys Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine program and GE has offered for the ITEP program, or upgrades to existing engines such as the ubiquitous T700 which powers several medium lift helicopters including the Black Hawk and Apache and the T408 engine which powers the US Marine Corps CH-53K heavy lift helicopter.
A fifty-fifty partnership between Pratt & Whitney and Honeywell Aerospace is developing the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine, specifically designed to provide a 30 percent increase in horsepower for helicopters while at the same time cutting fuel consumption by 25 percent.
The army launched the advanced affordable turbine engine (AATE) program with a pair of contracts awarded in 2007.
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