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AADSAccount Authority Digital Signature (verification protocol)
AADSAmerican Association of Dental Schools
AADSAmphibious Assault Direction System (AN/KSQ-1)
AADSAmphibious Assault Direction System
AADSAcquired Amusement Deficiency Syndrome
AADSArea Air Defense System
AADSAdvanced Air Defense System
AADSAdvanced Anaerobic Digestion System
AADSAlaskan Air Defense Sector
AADSArmy Air Defense Site
AADSAnti-Aircraft Defense System
AADSAffordable Apache Drive System (attack helicopter system redesign)
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However, defenders of the deal also see an opportunity for NATO to have a close look at one of Russia's most advanced air defense systems.
"I think that in the current year we will sign the corresponding contract document," Interfax quoted Dmitry Shugaev, the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, as saying.In service with the Russian forces since 2007, the S-400 is one of the most advanced air defense systems in the world.
First, to make Russians think about the invincibility which their advanced air defense systems have permitted them.
Drones operating in areas such as Asia will need to be faster and stealthier to avoid detection by operators using advanced air defense systems. They will also need greater autonomy in case a communication link is lost, he noted.
Moscow, in particular, hopes to expand military cooperation and arms sales to Tehran, including the long-delayed transfer of S-300 advanced air defense systems -- a move long opposed by the United States.Diplomats reported at least two other issues beside the arms embargo proving difficult: how to finalize a long-stymied U.N.
However, in an exclusive DEBKAfile report, Iran can't hope to take delivery of the advanced air defense systems in the foreseeable future.
In the past decade, Air Force ISR has operated primarily in permissive environments, but tomorrow's fight may involve the most advanced air defense systems. In contested future environments, gaining and maintaining an ISR advantage will become increasingly difficult, and the Air Force will have to adapt its ISR capabilities for these operations.
officials say grounding Assad's air force by enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria would require a large-scale attack on Syria's advanced air defense systems. Military support for the opposition continues in the form of small weapons and ammunition.
S-300 is widely acknowledged by defense analysts as one of the world's most advanced air defense systems. An S-300 battery would "provide coverage of much of northern and central Israel if deployed in the south west of Syria for targets other than those at low altitude," Douglas Barrie, an air warfare analyst with the London-based International Institute of Strategic Studies, told RIA Novosti earlier this month.
I was pleased to hear about this deal until 'but' entered the subject: I read in the Israeli press several news items regarding a deal between Israel and the United States, whereby Israel would purchase 20 F-35 Lightning-2 fighters, the fifth generation of this aircraft that have a stealth ability, carry high-precision bombs and can penetrate the most advanced air defense systems in service today.
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