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Originally called the .300 Whisper, Advanced Armament Corporation secured production-cartridge status (which means it got SAAMI-certified) and called it the .300 AAC Blackout.
While KeyMod and M-LOK mounting systems dominate the landscape, Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC) recently released its new SquareDrop mount.
Barnes Bullets will produce ammunition and Advanced Armament Corporation (C) will manufacture muzzle brakes and suppressors.
Built in collaboration with Advanced Armament Corporation, Nighthawk Custom's new AAC Suppressor-Ready pistol is one you will cherish for n lifetime.
Available through Nighthawk Custom, its Preferred Dealers or from Advanced Armament Corporation, this custom handgun is loaded with proprietary features.
The very efficient Advanced Armament Corporation suppressors, incidentally, precluded the need for bulky ear protection at the bench and in the field--which is all to the good since I have a tough enough time getting a decent cheekweld on a collapsible AR stock as it is, although I did use foam earplugs.
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