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ADHPAdvanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner
ADHPAerospace, Defense, and High Performance (engineering)
ADHPAuthenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocol (cryptography)
ADHPAlabama Dental Hygiene Program
ADHPAlabama Department of Public Health
ADHPAllain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (Allain & Duhangan Hydro Power Ltd.; India)
ADHPAssociation for the Development of Human Potential
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Competencies for the advanced dental hygiene practitioner [Internet].
Development and status of the Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner. J Dent Hyg.
ADHA policy defines Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner as:
I won't have the opportunity to be licensed as an advanced practitioner, but just as I sent money to support the independent practitioners in the 1980s in California and pushed successfully for baccalaureate entry at my alma mater, I stand ready to support the expansion of the advanced dental hygiene practitioner across this country.
In addition, later in the survey, 2 items asked about interest in applying to potential dental hygiene programs and related degrees that included the following program descriptions: a 3 to 5 year PhD doctoral dental hygiene program that would prepare dental hygiene researchers, and a 1 to 2 year Doctor of Dental Hygiene Practice (DDHP) program that would prepare mid-level advanced dental hygiene practitioners able to provide care in a variety of settings under general supervision of physicians or dentists.
Faculty from the university's dental school have already signed on to teach mid-level providers the restorative component, similar to the clinical component of the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP).
Strategies for increasing autonomy Include exploring the development of a dental hygiene accrediting agency and supporting the advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP) workforce model.
What if we had the foresight at that time to encourage our dental hygiene programs to submit grants for the first advanced dental hygiene practitioner program?
The purpose of this paper is to explain the need for the advanced dental hygiene practitioner (ADHP) as proposed by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA), and to report on the status of its implementation.
In June 2004, the ADHA House of Delegates officially adopted resolutions to create an "advanced dental hygiene practitioner" position, an ADHA-developed educational curriculum for this position and an official definition of this position that was added to ADHA's policy manual.
A new workforce model currently under development by the American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA) is the Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP), a mid-level oral health care provider of dental services.
Having been on the Advanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner (ADHP) Task Force, I remember the members' frustrations as we searched for data that said, "Yes, our services are cost-effective.
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