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AEBSAirport Extreme Base Station
AEBSAdvanced Emergency Braking System (automotive assistance application)
AEBSAssociation for E-Publishing Business Solution (Japan)
AEBSAdvanced Engine Breathing Systems (San Diego, CA)
AEBSAnti-Estrogen Binding Site
AEBSAngers European Business Semester (student exchange program; Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers)
AEBSApple Express Bus Service (La Crosse, WI)
AEBSaminoethyl benzene sulfonamide
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Apart from the advanced emergency braking system, the new generation has built in a number of new safety features such as the design of the steering column which places it directly beneath the steering wheel to absorb impact energy and reduce impact force to the driver during incidents.
(2) Advance Emergency Braking System (AEBS) Certified Vehicle: Passengers vehicles that have been certified by MLIT to have a certain level of Advanced Emergency Braking System performance for driving or stopping vehicles, to support public awareness of Safety Driving Support Cars.
It will be built on an advanced Quad-Frame platform made up of 63 percent high tensile steel and 1.5 Gpa giga steel, which is intended to enhance structural strength while at the same time keeping body weight low It has an Advanced Emergency Braking System, lane departure warning, blind spot detection and lane change assist along with traffic safety assist and high beam assist.
"This will ensure that a higher proportion of refuse collection vehicles are replaced with advanced emergency braking system and lane departure detection technology.
The model features a fuel-efficient Euro 3 engine and an Advanced Emergency Braking system with new transmission, differentiating it from competitors.
The model is available with the CMF C/D architecture and features sculpted surfaces, well-balanced proportions, a classic Renault front end, and a distinctive C-shaped front lighting signature, glass roof linking the windscreen to the rear window, seven-inch colour TFT instrument panel, an 8.7-inch multimedia tablet, R-Link 2, Multi-Sense, Easy Park Assist and an inclusive range of additional comfort equipment and driving aids such as Advanced Emergency Braking System and Lane Departure Warning.
The system is an advanced emergency braking system equipped with early collision warning to help prevent severe accidents caused by inattention
UD Trucks' Quon range for Qatar boasts Euro 3 engines and advanced emergency braking systems. The vehicles, according to Jaidah, have proven popular, in large part, due to the wide selection of add-on trailers that are available.
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