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AFCIArc Fault Circuit Interrupter
AFCIAdvanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (US Department of Energy)
AFCIAssociation of Film Commissioners International
AFCIAmbassadors for Christ International (Atlanta, GA)
AFCIAcupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (Institut de la Fondation d'Acupuncture du Canada)
AFCIAdvanced Fibre Communications, Inc
AFCIAssociate of the Faculty of Commerce and Industry Ltd. (UK)
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One developer, Austin-based Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative, is working to help find a home for Texas' 2,400 tons of spent fuel.
The Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative, the primary research component of GNEP, would be renamed Fuel Cycle Research and Development.
Key among these programs are GNEP, the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative, other nuclear research and development programs, and federal incentives for building new commercial reactors.
Other nuclear energy programs include research on fusion energy and the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative, which seeks to reduce nuclear fuel waste requiring geologic disposal.
DOE has launched a pair of efforts--the Generation IV Program and the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI)--to carry out the RD & D to realize those four opportunities while achieving economic competitiveness, high standards of safety and proliferation resistance, and effective waste management.
Department of Energy, Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative Comparison Report, FY 2003 (Washington, D.C.: DOE, October 2003).
those recommendations was to announce the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative
The FY2009 Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative funding request is $301.5
As part of the ongoing Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI), the Department of Energy announced that it will initiate work toward conducting an engineering scale demonstration of the UREX+ separation process (operation planned for 2011) and developing an advanced fuel cycle facility capable of laboratory development of advanced separation and fuel manufacturing technologies.
The request would boost funding for the Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) from $79.2 million in FY2006 to $243.0 million in FY2007.
Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative. The nuclear energy program's Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) is the primary component of GNEP.
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