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Hypofractionated, palliative radiotherapy for advanced head and neck cancer.
Hypofractionated radiotherapy for the palliation of advanced head and neck cancer in patients unsuitable for curative treatment - "Hypo Trial".
Surgical morbidity of neck dissection after chemoradiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer.
Hyperfraccionated irradiation with or without concurrent chemotherapy for locally advanced head and neck cancer.
Chemotherapy as a part of each treatment fraction in a twice-a-day hyperfractionated schedule: A new chemoradiotherapy approach for advanced head and neck cancer.
based chemotherapy and hyperfractionated radiotherapy with late intensification in advanced head and neck cancer.
During the past two decades, chemoradiotherapy-combining chemotherapy and radiation treatments-has become important in helping preserve organs while treating advanced head and neck cancers, according to background information in the article.
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