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AHWAdvanced Hypersonic Weapon (US Army)
AHWAnimal Health and Welfare
AHWAls Het Ware (Dutch: as it was)
AHWAuxiliary Health Worker (Nepal)
AHWAcutely Hazardous Waste
AHWAtomic Hydrogen Welding
AHWA Healthier Wisconsin (health initiative)
AHWAhnapee and Western Railway Company
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The Army's Space and Missile Defense Command tested a demonstrative long-range glide vehicle called the advanced hypersonic weapon in 2011, but the service did not comment on any present hypersonic development activity.
(21) In fact, Congress allocated $70.7 million for FY15, specifically supporting the Army's Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW).
Its failed Advanced Hypersonic Weapon was meant to destroy targets anywhere on Earth at speeds in excess of 3,500 miles-an-hour or Mach 5.
The rocket carrying the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon was terminated near a pad of the Kodiak Launch Complex on Kodiak Island shortly after liftoff, spokeswoman Maureen Schumann said.
alternative, it could be based on the Army advanced hypersonic weapon
The Army's Advanced Hypersonic Weapon launched aboard a three-stage booster system from the Pacific Missile Range Facility on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, and deployed for its hypersonic glide, which eventually splashed down in the Reagan Test Site located near the Kwajalein Atoll.
The Army has conducted two Advanced Hypersonic Weapon tests as part of a prompt global strike initiative.
Force HTV-2 program, and the Army advanced hypersonic weapon (AHW).
Meanwhile, the Army is testing the advanced hypersonic weapon, a missile designed for vertical launch.
glide body, or advanced hypersonic weapon in FY2006, and added $8.9
His achievements resulted in the first successful test flight of the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon from a Sandia test facility in 2011.
(58) The key programs that receive support from these funds are the Air Force CSM, the DARPA/Air Force HTV-2 program, and the Army Advanced Hypersonic Weapon (AHW).
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