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The successful solution is an innovative combination of streamer setup and advanced imaging technologies.
"L3 WESCAM is proud to have been chosen to supply its MX-15 systems, as it highlights our role as a trusted global supplier of advanced imaging technologies to the OEM marketplace," added Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM.
In addition to the professional and advanced imaging technologies, the new smartphones offer high performance with memory of 6 and 4 GB and integrated 32/64/ and 128 GB storage that can be upgraded with additional 256 GB using micro SD memory cards.
It brings together the chemical analysis power of Raman spectroscopy and advanced imaging technologies in a powerful, robust system.
The addition of Pelican's advanced imaging technologies will enable Tessera, through its FotoNation subsidiary, to accelerate development of new, high performance, low power computational imaging solutions for use in next generation applications and devices.
Various initiatives are being undertaken by governments across the globe to develop advanced imaging technologies. In this regard, the Government of Canada announced an investment of USD 750,000 (in July 2015) for the Canadian Imaging Research Centre to enhance research and commercialization opportunities in the health and life sciences sector.
Like our 2013 winners, advanced imaging technologies have emerged as one of the leading technology categories in 2014.
"The HXR-MC2500 is a prime example of how we've combined advanced imaging technologies with a host of operational features that the market today needs," said Vivian Saldanha, Business Head -- Content Creation, Sony Professional Solutions Middle East and Africa.
Louis Kirby, member of the company's board of advisers who is currently supervising the LymPro research team, said that the initial target market for the test will be the pharma industry, which will use the product to enrich clinical study recruitment population before using costly advanced imaging technologies for Alzheimer's biomarkers for beta amyloid and tau.
VuCOMP's M-Vu CAD and Siemens Mammomat Inspiration PRIME are two of the most advanced imaging technologies available for the early detection of breast cancer, said Dr.
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