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AMTCApplied Media Technologies Corporation
AMTCAdvanced Manufacturing Training Center (Tallahassee Community College; Tallahassee, FL)
AMTCAdvanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co., KG (Germany)
AMTCApplied Manufacturing Technology Center (Wisconsin)
AMTCAerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre (Canada)
AMTCAmerican Manchester Terrier Club
AMTCAdvanced Modern Technologies Corporation (Woodland Hills, CA)
AMTCAdvanced Maritime Technology Center (Maryland)
AMTCAmerican Modeling and Talent Convention
AMTCAmerican Technologies Network Corporation
AMTCArmy Missile Test Center (White Sands Missile Range, NM)
AMTCArmored Moving Target Carrier
AMTCAsymptotic Multiple Turbo Coding
AMTCAnnual Multiplexed Telephony Conference (San Diego, CA, USA)
AMTCAutomotive and Machinery Trading Center (Yemen)
AMTCAttenuation Memory Track Correlation
AMTCAustralian Military Type Certificate
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Construction for the USD9.6m Advanced Manufacturing Training Center started in June and is scheduled to be completed by the autumn semester 2020.
It took over a new small factory that never opened because of the 2008 crash, scrounged modern equipment from area employers, and introduced an Advanced Manufacturing Training Center with six- to nine-week certificates in manufacturing skills, including mechatronics, computer-controlled equipment, and welding.
The EDA grant will allow South Arkansas Community College to construct the Advanced Manufacturing Training Center (AMTC) to help workers in southern Arkansas get the training they need to compete for manufacturing jobs.
Bruce Batton is the program manager at Tallahassee Community College's Advanced Manufacturing Training Center. He can be reached at
An advanced manufacturing training center would be inaugurated by the STEM Academy at CCTC as a part of this statewide consortium and Straight A Grant initiative, in an effort to address the existing skills gap by preparing high school students, adult students, and incumbent workers with advanced manufacturing and engineering skills.
Valencia College will make use of the software in training students at its Advanced Manufacturing Training Center.
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