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APLSAntiphospholipid Syndrome
APLSAdvanced Paediatric Life Support (children's health)
APLSArlington Public Library System (Texas)
APLSAlabama Public Library Service
APLSAmerican Psychology-Law Society (American Psychological Association Division 41)
APLSAssociation for Politics and the Life Sciences
APLSAvery Point Lighthouse Society (formed in February 2000)
APLSArticulating Patient Loading System
APLSAssociation des Proprietaires du Lac Simon (French: Owners' Association of Lake Simon; Lake Simon, Canada)
APLSAutomated Postal Locator System
APLSA Poil La Strasse (Saint-Cyr, French Military College)
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As an advanced paediatric life support instructor, he taught staff how to resuscitate and treat children, particularly with multiple trauma.
"The trust must ensure there is a member of staff trained in advanced paediatric life support available in every department at all times, as outlined in the Royal College of Nursing guidelines.
Jewkes, "The European Resuscitation Council's paediatric life support course 'advanced paediatric life support,' Resuscitation, vol.
We recently attended an advanced paediatric life support course in Pretoria (may we suggest that all doctors treating children should think of doing this course?), and on one of the days our group was in a silly mood.
Training in Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) can further address the skills needed to recognise and effectively treat serious illness and improve outcomes.
Advanced paediatric life support; the practical approach, 5th ed.
Teaching paediatric resuscitation skills in a developing country: Introduction of the Advanced Paediatric Life Support course into Vietnam.
Baby Lifeline is also working with Child Advocacy International alongside the Advanced Paediatric Life Support Group to produce a multimedia DVD on the management of paediatric emergencies.
The triage part was validated against the 'gold standard' of Advanced Paediatric Life Support and found to be effective.
Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS) guidelines have regularly taught that intravenous access should not be delayed unnecessarily in emergency situations and that intra-osseous (IO) line placement is a safe and an effective route for delivering fluid and drugs for resuscitation.
ETAT's Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS)-based A-B-C-D triage approach emphasises the rapid identification of:
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